Vision to achieve commercial alignment with IT strategy
Passionate technology advocate, innovator, and developer
Motivational leader, mentor, and digital advisor

Advisory - Architecture - Delivery

As an outcome focused, strategically aligned digital leader, I thrive in working to achieve the unexpected through the delivery of innovative and technologically advanced visions and strategies. I lead by example, inspiring others to achieve excellence in client delivery, whilst supporting them to realise their own professional potential. My inquisitive nature and my ferocious appetite for digital innovation, through IT transformation and Solution Architecture, ensures I advocate technology as a key strategic partner to support the full success of an organisation. As a developer at heart, I remain a fully hands-on coder, learning best by experimenting, to validate my advice is practical and achievable.


National Practice Manager (Innovation and Advisory)

As National Practice Manager for SOCO’s Client Innovation and Advisory (CIA) practice, I am overall responsible for managing our consultants from both our architecture team and our support & advisory team. This role covers 3 key priorities:

  • The internal management and day to day operations of the practice
  • The management and delivery of our internal IT function and internal security controls
  • The customer facing delivery of our support and project services

In this role, my responsibilities are varied and spanning both internal and external duties, such as:

  • Team mentoring and leadership: Providing expertise across various technology areas and complex problems, whilst ensuring compliance to standards and policies. Recommending strategic directions for the practice, managing competing priorities, implementing change, contributing to innovation and business improvement strategies.
  • Thought leadership: Leading our architecture and innovation functions, to manage complex issues through research, analysis, and experimentation to ensure our advice remains relevant and trusted. This led to the creation of several repeatable products and service offerings for Copilot, Azure, Microsoft Purview (security & Compliance), Microsoft guidelines for adoption of ACSC’s Essential 8
  • Internal and external stakeholder management: Engaging and collaborating with key stakeholders, internal and external, to identify opportunities, achieve outcomes, and facilitate cooperation through strategic relationships.

April 2023 - Present

Independent Consultant (Solution Architecture)

As Solution Architect in the Strategy, Policies and Technology Solutions (SPTS) team of the Digital Services and Information Technology Branch (DSITB) of the Queensland Corrective Services (QCS) department, I am responsible for a wide variety of activities, spanning many aspects of solution architecture:

  • Development of high-level solution architecture documentation
  • Market scan and Proof of Concepts (PoC)
  • Stakeholder engagement to facilitate requirements gathering activities
  • Documentation of the QCS Enterprise Architecture landscape
  • Assistance and guidance for the implementation of new solutions, in line with QCS technology principles

Since starting at QCS, I have been involved in the following projects and engagements:

  • SPTS Engagement Process: Formalisation of the engagement process for QCS Business Units and Commands to engage with our architecture team. The process has been formalised through a set of gates and assessment protocols, to validate the suitability of an initiative against a set of architectural principles.
  • ACSC Essential Eight for Microsoft Office macros: A project to increase the maturity level for the use of Microsoft Office macros within QCS, as part of the ACSC Essential Eight recommendations by the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC). This project focusses on assessing the impact of increasing the security controls within the Department, to ensure adequate and appropriate use of Microsoft Office macros, as well as to provide several remediation activities and alternative solution to decrease the footprint of macros within QCS. The scope of the project was to reach maturity level 3 within a 6-month period.
  • EA software migration: As part of the Whole of Government (WoG) requirements, each Department must maintain the adequate level of Enterprise Architecture (EA) information, and report on a yearly basis on several artefacts to validate the adherence to several EA principles. As part of this compliance requirement, QCS planned to move from an on-premise instance of iServer, to iServer 365 as a SaaS solution to document the Department's EA landscape. As part of this project, we reviewed the current state of the Department's EA practice and review the best notation to be used to support all IT staff.

April 2022 - Present

Associate Director, Technology Advisory

As Associate Director in Technology Advisory, part of KPMG’s Management Consulting branch, I focus on building and taking ownership of key business relationships, driving quality outcomes for my clients. I manage the preparation, delivery, reporting, and evaluation of several projects and engagements, taking responsibility for the larger and higher priority risk items. I provide advanced technical advice, direction, and training to my colleagues and my clients. I participate in team practice decisions including resource allocation, career development of people, and other people management decisions, whilst continuously keeping engaged with the latest technology development on the Microsoft cloud platforms (Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Power Platform and Azure).

Since starting at KPMG, I have been involved in the following projects and engagements:

  • Metcash: As Enterprise Architect on this major digital transformation programme of work (spanning 30 months), I am responsible for ensuring the target state architecture based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O fully enables Metcash to deliver its next generation ERP and Commerce solutions to their customers (suppliers and customers) across Metcash’s 3 core business pillars (Food, Liquor, and Hardware). I provide expert advice to ensure Metcash remains operational during their transformation, whilst existing systems remain in place, through the replacement of their legacy ERP. I am a member of the KPMG Programme Executive team, and advise KPMG partners of technology risks, issues, and resource needs to deliver this programme of work; I also mentor junior staff and manage a team of architects, both from Metcash and KPMG.
  • Brisbane Grammar School (BGS): As Microsoft Architect, I am responsible for the development of a hypothesized target state architecture, leveraging the Microsoft ecosystem of cloud solutions, to support BGS’s vision to deliver best of breed technology solutions to its students, their parents, their teachers, and BGS staffs. The architecture focused on improving BGS’ School and Student Information System, information channels, and data mastering, while remaining contemporary and future ready.
  • Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (ACSQHC): As part of the review of the framework of engagement for clinical quality registries by KPMG, to enable more modern ways of working with the commission, I was responsible for the evaluation and update of the infrastructure and security sections of the framework. As part of this project, I was able to explore and recommend the use of API, to develop their information sharing capability through a well-defined API economy.

As part of my role at KPMG, I am an active participant, and the KPMG QLD representative, for the Solution Strategy and Selection (SSS) working group. This group is tasked to develop common requirement sets and enterprise patterns for adoption strategies of technology agnostic solutions in certain business domain, such as HR, Education, Payroll and Finance.

July 2021 - March 2022

Principal Solutions Architect

As a Principal Solutions Architect in the Utilities, Mining and Energy team at CGI Brisbane, my primary function is to provide advisory services to a number of projects being delivered within Australia, spanning application, data, IT and OT solutions. With a wealth of experience on the Microsoft 365, Power Platform and Azure stack of products, I also support our team through the entire lifecycle of projects, from pre-sales activities to project transition. Since starting at CGI, I have been involved in the following activities:

  • Support to sales and pre-sales activities
  • Microsoft 365 delivery and project support
  • Microsoft 365 migration and adoption
  • Internal development of new capabilities (Microsoft 365, Power Platform, blockchain)
  • Team support and mentoring of junior staff

Within CGI Global, I have also been involved in national and international initiatives, and with the US blockchain practice in particular.

To date, my key project achievements are:

  • Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC): As Microsoft 365 Architect, I shaped the design and patterns to deliver adoption and a complex migration from OpenText, Shared Drives, and SharePoint (on premise 2013 and online) onto BAC's Microsoft 365 platform. The project leveraged M365 Groups, MS Teams, and modern SharePoint sites, with a functional Information Architecture. This project was delivered using highly customised PnP scripts (PowerShell and C#), SharePoint Migration Manager, and other in-house tools in order to migrate over 11TB of data, spanning multi mullion documents.
  • Rio Tinto: As part of their Enterprise Application Migration project, I supported the CGI team in delivering quality assurance capability to enable the migration of several hundred servers and application by Microsoft and Insight, from on premise and Amazon cloud onto Microsoft Azure.
  • Melbourne Water: I provided ad-hoc support to the CGI Melbourne team in supporting Melbourne Water migrate from SharePoint 2013 to SharePoint 2016.

January 2019 - June 2021

Senior Executive of Digital Technology

As Senior Executive of Digital Technology at The Solution Collective (now SoCo), my focus is to support our clients in the successful implementation and delivery of solutions based on the Microsoft 365 stack, with a particular focus on Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Power Platform. My core duties include:

  • Consulting engagements to identify technology best fit to support our clients’ business needs
  • Technology strategy development and implementation, with focus on user adoption
  • Digital Transformation support with focus on cloud services adoption
  • Solution architecture and design for Microsoft 365 based projects
  • Project delivery and overall account ownership
  • Power Platform practice leadership and growth

I have helped several key clients in their adoption of Power Platform solutions:

  • Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA): Implementation of two Business Applications based on Microsoft Power Platform, leveraging Model Driven PowerApps, Flow, CDS and Power BI
  • Comcare: Implementation of a Business Application for the renewal of provider applications based on Dynamics365 Portals, Flow, CDS and Power BI
  • TAE Aerospace (TAE): Implementation of TAE’s Business Development process and Sales process within Dynamics 365, leveraging the Customer Engagement module and Power BI

The Solution Collective have also given me the amazing opportunity to formally define what enterprise grade blockchain (a personal passion of mine) solutions will look like for our clients, both existing and new. My activities for our clients include:

  • Defining their blockchain strategy
  • Helping them through the difficult process of choosing of blockchain platform
  • Defining the blockchain smart contracts to support, improve and automate their business processes
  • Reviewing and selecting the right blockchain consensus protocols
  • Developing ‘proof of concepts’ to validate that blockchain delivers on their expectations
  • And most importantly, helping our clients to enable their businesses to perform better through the use of technology, and blockchain in particular

October 2018 - December 2019

Independent consultant (Blockchain / SharePoint / Technology)

As an independent contractor, I am currently engaged to provide consulting, strategy, architecture and development advice and services for 3 major projects in collaboration with DialogIT :

  • Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA) : The RTA is the Queensland Government statutory authority that administers the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008. As a senior SharePoint consultant and technology architect, I am responsible for the maintenance, support, communication and technology advice, as well as implementation of new features for the RTA’s SharePoint 2016 Intranet sites. I am also responsible for the review of new technologies to identify their suitability within the RTA's long-term technology vision.
  • Global Environment Market (GEM) : GEM has developed and owns all the intellectual property for a portfolio of unique and innovative electronic exchanges and trading platforms, globally. GEM’s founder, Wayne Sharpe, is also the founder of Bartercard, a global exchange platform for services. As a blockchain strategist and architect, I helped GEM define their strategy for their current exchange technology to adopt new Digital / Crypto currencies. As part of this engagement, I provided blockchain technology advice, as well as integration and technology capability to enable GEM to embrace these nascent ground-breaking digital currencies.
  • C5V Cognit (C5V) : C5V Cognit is a Brisbane based company focusing on adding sustainable value through Information Technologies for the mining, oil and gas companies operating within the Asia Pacific region. Engaged as a blockchain advisor, architect and developer, I am engineering C5V Cognit’s sustainable blockchain Ethereum-based solution to support the tribes in developing countries, initially targeting Papua New Guinea (PNG), to ensure that their land owners are adequately supported by Carbon Credits to compensate for the local deforestations, trough the recording of sustainable metrics.

February 2018 - September 2018

Chief Information Officer

As Chief Information Officer at ZETTA 1, I am responsible for long term operational planning and business process optimisation through the use of technology and digital transformation. As such, I am responsible for ICT strategic planning, ensuring that ZETTA 1 has the processes and IT resources in place to support its company road map as well as its business and technology vision. In addition to strategic planning, I am also an active participant of the ZETTA 1 executive team, responsible for the day to day operation of the company.

My key responsibilities were defined as:

  • Mapping out both the ICT strategy and ICT policies to support the company roadmap and technical vision, focusing on SharePoint and Office 365 as a support for Communication and Collaboration
  • Fulfilling the role of business and technical leader
  • Developing strategies to increase the company's profitability
  • Working to streamline business processes with technology
  • Solving organisational problems through acquiring and adapting existing technologies
  • Quality Assurance processes for all of our deliverables
  • Recruitment and performance management

Seconded part time at the Queensland Department of Education and Training (DET) as Digital Transformation and Senior Solution Architect, I provide technical roadmap and strategic planning for DET’s 2016 / 2017 digital vision through effective leadership and mentoring of a team of 20 staff (public servant, contractors and ZETTA 1 employees), as well as delivering a cloud and customer first strategy for their internal and external customers.

As a technology leader, I constantly evaluate new, emerging and disruptive technologies. For the past 18 months, I have developed my knowledge and understanding of blockchain technologies, as a real opportunity for many organisations. During that time, I have run several workshops and training sessions to demystify this new distributed ledger technology to our clients, aiming to help them shape their own blockchain strategy for the short to medium term.

March 2015 - January 2018


As a manager at Avanade , I am a leader in the effective design, implementation and robust testing of large and complex components for mission critical enterprise solutions. I execute technical strategies aligned with overarching organisational objectives that define the next generation of tools and applications to support business and customer needs. As a career manager, I engage with my team to define their personal objectives and align them with the organisational strategic vision. I mentor and guide in technical and personal development, developing high performing teams with the commercial acumen and technical capability to deliver innovative client solutions.

Engaged at the Australian Tax Office as Technical Build Lead, I:

  • Provided technical thought leadership and guidance to consultants, the client and external stakeholders
  • Effectively validated development practices and application lifecycle management and technical architectures ensuring consistency, quality and best practice is achieved
  • Ensured all quality measures are effectively implemented and adhered to in accordance with relevant procedures and guidelines
  • Successfully built and manage stakeholder relationships across functions including design and test teams to achieve effective collaboration and cohesive results
  • Led by example and manage a diverse team of multidisciplinary consultants; providing technical leadership and the opportunity to deliver exceptional results through extending their capabilities and drive to succeed
  • Provided high level expertise in Microsoft products using my extensive background and knowledge of complex design, development and implementations

My key achievements included:

  • Specifically engaged as the main solution architect for the design and implementation of the ATO’s new web strategy to enable them to deliver their vision for a simplified development paradigm. I engaged with key ATO executives and technical stakeholders and established new patterns for a more cost effective and efficient go to market product strategy for businesses and individuals. This large scale, technical process change is currently being implemented with positive results
  • Due to deep technical knowledge and expertise across Microsoft products, I was actively engaged as the primary contact for all build activities. This included effective planning of the project and ensuring timescales and budgets were met. In addition, I provided extensive input into the technical design and architecture of the solutions delivered to the client with a focus on achieving high quality, cost effective deliverables

August 2011 - February 2015

Senior Consultant

As a senior consultant for SMS Management & Technology (SMS MT), I specialised in the delivery of enterprise solutions using Microsoft technologies, such as SharePoint Server, BizTalk Server, systems integration and bespoke solutions. I engaged across multiple clients and industries, providing innovative and effective solutions at a strategic and technical level.

My key achievements included:

  • Queensland Police Service (QPS):
    • Engaged as a senior SharePoint consultant, I conducted the scoping for the infrastructure needed to replace QPS's intranet, away from MS CMS 2002. I successfully provided recommendations for a more efficient and sophisticated intranet implementation, developed key stakeholder relationships for SMS and demonstrated my significant level of expertise in the Microsoft product stack.
    • As an infrastructure architect, I lead the initial stages of the Mobility project, which was designed to provide real time information to end users increasing their ability to act on intelligence and respond to immediate situations. This initial phase resulted in SMS undertaking the full project implementation due to the technical and professional manner in which it was undertaken.
  • FOXTEL : Seconded to Sydney to provide specialised skills to ensure delivery against tight and rigid deadlines, I provided the architecture, design and delivery of an employee directory intranet tool using a highly-customised SharePoint 2010 MySite, FAST Search Centre and integration to their Active Directory. This was successfully completed on time despite considerable time restraints and client demands.
  • Local Government clients including Redland City Council and Brisbane City Council: Effectively delivered the architecture, design and delivery of a Windows 7 Phone client application using MVVMLight for WP7 to achieve increased communication capability for the general public with the council; and a full technology uplift from Microsoft Access 97 to ASP.Net 3.5 across multiple core business applications in C#, using the Brisbane City Council’s application framework.

October 2010 - July 2011

Director & Principal Architect

As director and principal architect of ap16 Ltd (UK) , I was a key driver in the successful growth and advancement of this systems integration and software development start-up. I managed the full life cycle of client projects from inception to delivery and subsequent ongoing support. This included stakeholder management, client engagement, technical mentoring of the development team, Agile implementation, quality assurance and validation of our solutions for financial and technical suitability.

My key achievements included:

  • Successfully utilised my technical expertise in Microsoft .Net technologies and products as well as my business acumen to engage clients in adopting innovative new technologies including WCF RIA Services, LINQ and Silverlight.
  • Successfully achieved Microsoft Gold Certified Partner status after only eighteen months of trading, through demonstrated competencies and positive customer satisfaction surveys.

February 2007 - September 2010

Software Technical Lead

As Software Technical Lead for ioko UK Ltd (now Piksel), I delivered web based solutions to major UK based clients including Diageo, EMI Group, Coors Brewers and the NHS. Enraptured by the technical developments and capacity to build innovative solutions, I experienced a rapid career progression from developer to Software Technical Lead. In this role, I took responsibility for the technical guidance and support of the development group, client management and project management.

My key achievements included:

  • Successful design, development, delivery and quality assurance of major client projects including:
    • "Capture" for Coors Brewers (now MolsonCoors): Development of a sales forecasting application using .Net 1.1, SQL Server, MDSE, merge replication and Crystal Reports
    • "Sky by Broadband" for Sky UK Ltd : One of the world's first Video on demand (VOD) service written as a Windows 1.1 application and integrated with Windows Media Centre (MCE) via a COM object written in .Net 1.1
    • "4oD" for Channel4 UK Ltd :Video on demand service developed using Java back-end, Kontiki and a COM object written in .Net 2.0 for client logic
  • Consistently promoted and advised on new Microsoft products and technologies and introduced Agile concepts taken from eXtreme programming (XP) and Test Driven Development (TDD)

February 1999 - January 2017

Technology Director

Ding-Gone has emerged from an opportunity and business gap within the car repair industry to provide a new comparison site and platform for customers to find the right professional for their need, in a specific and understood market segment. Our first platform implementation, RepairCompaire, went live in June 2017.

Part owner of this start-up, I am the sole architect, designer and developer for this new platform built using Agile and Lean techniques, based on the latest ASP.Net / HTML5 / CSS3 / JavaScript / NodeJS stack. The current solution is hosted on Microsoft Azure, using Visual Studio 2017, VSCode, continuous integration, driven by a bootstrap responsive design, analytics, and focusing on our target customer segment and ease of use.

July 2016 - March 2020

Previous experience

Previous career history:

  • Axcess Technology UK Ltd: May 1998 – Aug 1999
  • Cap Gemini, France: July 1997 – May 1998

July 1997 - January 1999

Consulting Skills

2010 years

Microsoft Technology, Strategy and Adoption

2007 years

Architecture Services and Technology Project Delivery

2010 years

Digital Transformation, Strategy and Roadmaps

2014 years

Blockchain Technology, Strategy and Adoption

Microsoft Skills

1998 years

Custom Development

2010 years


2014 years

Microsoft 365

2017 years

Power Platform

Coding Skills

1997 years

C#, .Net, ASP.Net, MVC

1999 years


2004 years

JavaScript & JQuery

2014 years

NodeJS with TypeScript



Apr 2023 to Present
National Practice Manager, Australia

Principal Senior Consultant and Solution Architect at SOCO. More info

Apr 2022 to Mar 2023
Independent Consultant, Australia

Solution Architect contractor (Hudson) at Queensland Corrective Services (QCS). More info

Jul 2021 to Mar 2022
KPMG, Australia

Associate Director in Technology Advisory, part of KPMG’s Management Consulting branch. More info

Jan 2020 to Jun 2021
CGI Inc, Australia

Principal Solution Architect in the Utilities, Mining and Energy team, focusing on Architecture services and M365 project delivery. More info

Oct 2018 to Dec 2019
The Solution Collective (now SoCo), Australia

Senior Executive in charge of developing our Microsoft PowerPlatform practice, and delivery manager for Microsoft 365 projects. More info

Feb 2018 to Sep 2018
Contractor, Australia

Independent contractor working for DialogIT, delivering a number of Microsoft 365 and blockchain projects. More info

Mar 2015 to Jan 2018
ZETTA 1, Australia

CIO and Senior Microsoft Architect, focusing on Microsoft 365 solutions, with primary engagement at QED. More info

Aug 2011 to Feb 2015
Avanade, Australia

Senior Consultant and Manager with particular focus on Microsoft Products, engaged primarily at the ATO. More info

Oct 2010 to Jul 2011
SMS MT, Australia

Technical Consultant with particular focus on Microsoft Products (SharePoint, BizTalk, and Azure services). More info

October 2010
Brisbane, Australia

Move from York, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom to Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Feb 2007 to Sep 2010
AP16, United Kingdom

Director and Principal Architect for a software integration start-up. Expertise in solution architecture, Microsoft products and solutions, with focus on SharePoint, BizTalk, SQL Server, custom Web Applications, enhanced user interfaces, and systems' integration patterns. More info

Sep 1999 to Jan 2007
Ioko (now Piksel), United Kingdom

Windows and Web Software Technical Lead, with expertise in classic .Net, ASP, ASP.Net, SharePoint, BizTalk, SQL Server, using waterfall, agile concepts such as TDD and eXtreme Programming. More info

Jun 1998 to Aug 1999
Axcess Technology, United Kingdom

Windows C++ developer developing audio visual systems for AMX audio and videio control system automation, using MCF42

May 2008
York, United Kingdom

Move from Rennes, France to York, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Jul 1997 to May 1998
Cap Gemini, France

C / C++ UNIX Junior developer for one of Cap Gemini's mobile network billing system

Sep 1992 to Jun 1997
Masters in Information Technology, France

Completed Masters in Information Technology from INSA Rennes, Rennes (35), France, with a 6 months placement at Cap Gemini.

June 1991
Baccalaureate C, France

Completed Baccalaureate C (now S), mention Tres Bien, from Albert Einstein High School in Sainte Genevieve des Bois, Yvelines (91), focussing on maths, science, and physics.

Jun 1987 to Jul 1988
Exchange Student, Muskegon, USA
June 1974
Return to Paris, France
June 1973
Born, London, United Kingdom


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Queensland, Australia